What is Patent Place?

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Direct EP formalities filing.
No Middlemen.

Patent Place is a platform that allows US based firms to file formalities directly with the European Patent Office (EPO) and with national offices. Our services cover the filing of European Regional Phase entry applications based on a PCT (Euro PCT) , paying renewals, responding to 71(3) notices (Notice of Intention to Grant) and filing EP national validations with the national offices.

Our application provides you with the tools required for greater control over your EP formalities.

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Out with the old…

US patent applicants and US patent representatives rely on using a European patent (EP) firm to handle both filing formalities and prosecutions. The Patent Place platform is there to remove the unnecessary, time-consuming and costly steps of filing formalities.

In With The New

In with the new.

With Patent Place, you upload EP applications to your portfolio, where the system helps you keep track of those cases. When an action is required to be taken to process a formality, a reminder will be sent to you.

When ready, you can place an order for filing a formality using an amazon style shopping cart system, where you then transfer the required funds to the provided Money Corp bank account. These funds are then forwarded onto the EPO and the necessary work is carried out to process the formality.

And that’s it! Whichever service you require, Patent Place provides an automated system that is faster, cheaper and gives the user more control over EP formalities.


Patent Place provides full fee transparency, so you feel confident using our platform for EP formalities. We provide clear distinction between official fees from the EPO, national patent offices, and the single processing fee of $75 that we charge. Here are some more benefits of filing through the Patent Place.


We provide clear distinction between official fees due to the EPO and the single processing fee of $75. So you feel confident using our platform.

in USD

Our business partnership with Moneycorp enables you to make domestic transfers, meaning no international transfer fees.

FX Rates

We provide you with tools and information such as FX charts to help assist you on deciding when to process an EP formality.

Portfolio Control

Our portfolio functionality allows you quickly and easily filter, Sort & track all cases you have uploaded to the Patent Place.


We allow you to select when you want to be reminded about application stage changes for each case individually.


Cutting out the middleman saves you valuable time and costs by filing formalities direct into the EPO, and national patent offices.

Color Phases

We have introduced a color phase system to indicate to you when the most cost-efficient time to file a formality. Color phase periods vary depending on the rules governed by the EPO and when windows open for a formality to be processed, so visit the EP Services page for more information.

The color phase system is accompanied by the reminders feature. Reminders help you by notifying the user when a specific period has been reached within the color phase. Reminder settings are based per case and you have full control over when they are sent out.

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