We are proud to launch Patent Place, our supported online platform for filing patent formalities into Europe. Patent Place is powered by IPReg regulated Pure Ideas Ltd.

Patent Place offers a digital solution suitable for both IP professionals and those without prior IP knowledge, to file their US patents directly into the European Patent Office (EPO) Our services support you to manage, and file, European patent formalities. Through the use of customizable tools and with professional IP support just a click away.

The Patent filing process into Europe is complex and time-consuming. Patent Place makes it quick and easy for US filers to file online, saving them valuable time and money. The digital platform simplifies the process by providing a step-by-step guide that walks you through the paperwork with clear instructions. One of the features we offer is a color phase system to give you a visual guide on the best time to file. Patent Place is easy to use and intuitive. There are no hidden fees, deadlines are highlighted, and support is available from qualified IP professionals for added peace of mind.

Pure Ideas is excited to support the new digital platform from Patent Place. We are very much looking forward to being a part of the future of IP filing.

Sam Jinks, Senior Managing Attorney, Pure Ideas

We welcome you to sign up to our new Patent Filing Platform here

Patent Place is powered by a team of IP professionals from Pure Ideas Ltd. UK. The team is available to help with questions and provide support at any time. Depending on your level of knowledge, professionals can choose to file independently or use Pure Ideas to guide them through the filing process. Pure Ideas have extensive experience in filing into Europe and represent many international clients. They are IPReg regulated. Your Intellectual Property is in safe hands.

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