We recognize the two of the biggest struggles for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is maintaining profitability and protecting themselves against competition. Keeping costs down is a must. When it comes to protecting your Company’s Brand and Ideas, the process and fees of Intellectual Property can be daunting.

Introducing Patent Place

Patent Place is a platform that allows US firms to file patent formalities directly with the European Patent Office (EPO) and national offices. Our services support you to manage, and file, European patent formalities. Through the use of customizable tools and with professional IP support a click away.

Patent Place is powered by a team of IP professionals from Pure Ideas, a UK based IP company. We are available to help with questions and provide support at any time. Depending on your knowledge, SMEs can choose to file independently or use us to guide them through the filing process.


In Patent Place, you upload EP applications to your portfolio. This new platform, powered by Pure Ideas Ltd. helps you keep track of those cases. A reminder will be sent to you when an action is required to be taken to process a formality.

When ready, you can place an order for filing a formality using an Amazon-style shopping cart system, where you transfer the required funds to the provided Moneycorp bank account. These funds are then forwarded onto the EPO and the necessary work is carried out to process the formality.

Patent Place is designed for SMEs

Transparency is valued by SMEs and we recognize the importance of this. Patent Place is powered by Pure Ideas Ltd. giving you full control of your portfolio as well as the support function to be advised by our Attorney team.

Want to understand more about these features? Want to know how we can help grow your business when it comes to protecting your ideas? Explore our features and book in a demo with us to discuss your needs.