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As an SME your primary concern will be managing your time efficiently, while keeping costs down and ensuring Return on Investment. As your business grows you will want to streamline these processes. Patent Place can help you do that. Our platform allows US-based firms to file formalities directly with the European Patent Office (EPO) and with national offices. Our services cover the filing of European Regional Phase entry applications based on a PCT (Euro PCT), paying renewals, responding to 71(3) notices (Notice of Intention to Grant), and filing EP national validations with the national offices.

Who are Pure Ideas Ltd.?

Patent Place is powered by a team of IP professionals from Pure Ideas, a UK-based Intellectual Property company. Who are available to help with questions and provide support at any time. Depending on the level of knowledge in each Business, professionals can choose to file independently or use Pure Ideas to guide them.

Our top features for your Business:

Patent Portfolio Management

No matter how many cases you have, our features help streamline the process. The Portfolio page provides a single location to access all European Patent (EP) formality services.

This page is a user-friendly, intuitive interface that plays a key role in streamlining the application process of an EP. The portfolio acts as your hub for all EP cases and from this single point you can carry out all EP formality-related tasks. You can add new cases, edit case details, generate documents, place orders, set reminders, and more.

Case Overview

When you select a case from the portfolio, we provide you with an action panel with all the necessary tools and information.

The tools available vary depending on the progress of the EP application. Each formality influences the interface. This provides dynamic controls to carry out tasks. If rule 71(3) notice formalities are due, a questionnaire is provided to help generate costs. Once a patent has been granted and awaits validation, a request and a quote can be requested on the same platform. We provide a bespoke, quick and easy experience to users.


This is a quick overview of what EP actions that are outstanding, in the form of an operational dashboard. At a glance you can see cases that have outstanding formality tasks and when they are due.

Informative charts categorize EP formalities and provide data, representing the overall progress of cases. The total for each formality category is calculated and divided into color phases. This can aid the decision-making process.

Transactions to the EPO

To keep you up to date, the transactions page provides live progress with all fee-related information. You can view both transactions that are in progress and those that are complete.

Take control

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