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One location to manage them all.

Whether you have 1 or 100 cases Patent Place provides you with many features and benefits helping streamline the process. Our Portfolio page provides a single location to access all European Patent (EP) formality services. Our user-friendly, intuitive interface plays a key role in streamlining the application process of an EP. The portfolio acts as your hub for all EP cases and from this single point you can carry out all EP formality related tasks. You can add new cases, edit case details, generate documents, place orders, set reminders and that’s just to name a few.

When portfolios start to build up it can sometimes be a lot to manage but have no fear when using Patent Place. We have numerous tools that help you manage your EP case portfolio. We provide a referencing system to help you track not only by cases, but by applicants too. We also provide filtering so users can add constraints on what cases are displayed. If you are only interested in cases that have a renewal due, for example, then the system is capable of displaying just these.

Case Overview

Get things done through the case-overview.

The portfolio lists all your EP cases and helps manage them, although it is the case-overview where the magic happens. When you select a case from the portfolio, we provide you with an action panel with all the necessary tools and information.

The tools available vary depending on the progress of the EP application. Each formality influences the interface, providing dynamic controls that are used to carry out tasks. If rule 71(3) notice formalities are due, a questionnaire is provided to help generate costs. If a patent has been granted and awaits validation, the means to request and instruct a quote are provided. Patent Place services have been designed to provide a bespoke, quick and easy experience to our users.


Instruct from your dashboard.

Your portfolio is your port of call for EP formality management, tracking and processing. It will display every single case you have added to the system, accompanied with all the required information and tools. However, what if you want a quick overview of what EP actions are outstanding? Patent Place thought of that and has provided a solution in the form of an operational dashboard. At a glance you can see cases that have outstanding formality tasks and when they are due.

We provide users with informative charts. These charts categorize EP formalities and provide data, representing the overall progress of cases.  The total for each formality category is calculated and divided into color phases. This data can aid in the decision making process, whether that be for yourself or your peers and management.

No. of Applications:

Transactions & Reminders

Safeguarded transactions & helpful reminders.

Company Account

Patent Place understands that any IP matter is typically handled by multiple professionals. Therefore we provide company accounts, where one portfolio can be shared by numerous professionals. This helps in providing a central overview of the entire EP portfolio uploaded, with each registered employee being able to handle the formalities they are responsible for.

Setting up a company account is easy. The initial user signs-up and we provide them with a business pin and code. Any future users from the company only have to enter that business pin and code and they are automatically assigned to that company. Simple! How you assign cases or formalities is down to you and your business, choose a structure that supports not only you, but your colleagues and business needs.

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