As of the 1st of April 2022, the European Patent Office (EPO) will be increasing its fees. An increase in fees occurs frequently and is, in part, due to inflation. Regardless, it is important to know about any changes to your filing formalities.

Examples of the fee changes:
  • EP direct or EP regional phase entry online filing fee will increase by 4%
  • For 36th and each subsequent page, there will be no increase to the additional filing fee
Three ways Patent Place will be updated:
Automatic fee generation

The breakdown of Patent Place’s fees clearly distinguishes between official fees, due at the EPO, National Patent Office, or by Patent Place. You can process formalities knowing there are no hidden extra costs. Whilst also being made aware of any incurred fees.

Our Platform will automatically update based on the changes in April by the EPO. So you don’t have to worry about getting it right when applying.

Fee Transparency

As mentioned above, a surprise increase in fees is never what you want. The platform helps to organize your payments so that you are always aware of what is around the corner.

Patent Place has developed a traffic light system that provides you with notifications of the best time to pay your renewal fees. This system helps to provide transparency and explain why your fees might be increasing whilst also giving you ample opportunity to avoid incurred costs.

IP Supported – Fees

Late fees are not new for our team. With renewals, you have three months before the due date to pay the fee, and then once the due date passes, you have an additional six months to pay the fees, but you must pay a surcharge of 50% on top of the original fees. Initially, it would revert to a similar pattern in that the client would pay the cost-plus docket fee, but the nearer to the end of the six months, the new deadline you would incur further late fees.

If you’re in a position where this surcharge is going to affect the renewal of your Patent, Patent Place has an IP support team powered by Pure Ideas to help give you peace of mind and to prevent any further increase in fees.

Overall, there are a lot of things to consider when you are filing a Patent with the new EPO fee changes. However, with Patent Place, our professional team will ensure you keep your costs low and save time from 1st April 2022 when the EPO increases its fees.

Fees Schedule for EPO: