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What is the Patent Place?

Patent Place offers an innovative and bespoke platform for US Companies or their outside Counsel to both manage their European IP Portfolios and file their patent formalities directly into the European Patent Office (EPO) or with national patent offices. The platform is “powered by” Pure Ideas, a UK-based Intellectual Property firm with extensive experience across the IP spectrum.

This means that as well as Patent Place being able to offer a simple but trustworthy way to file into the EPO or national patent offices, you have the added confidence that the platform is backed by IP professionals who can support and guide you through any of these processes.

European Patent Services

Renewing using the Patent Place platform could not be simpler. After uploading your European portfolio to the platform, you will be notified of all the deadline dates for renewals. All you have to decide is awhen you want to renew and issue instructions, the rest is then taken care of. If you are using our self-filing option, further actions will need to be taken to activate the renewal. Please see the self-filing section for further details.

Filing for European phase entry (Euro PCT) via the Patent Place is streamlined and intuitive. With the help of user friendly questionnaires, the resulting form 1200 is automatically generated for your ease of use. Furthermore, there is access to professional IP support at any stage of the process should you require it.

We offer a streamlined and efficient process to complete the grant and publishing phase. Our intelligent form generation and daily FX rates provide a quick and low-cost service, allowing you to action your Rule 71(3) communication and complete the grant stage of your EP patent application. Our Intellectual Property professional can assist with this process if required.

Patent Place’s European Patent validation service enables the whole process to be easier and more cost-effective whilst maintaining the highest level of quality. We offer a fully Supported service that enables you to get help and advice from qualified IP professionals at any stage in the filing process, giving you confidence that you have covered every aspect of your validation.

Whilst we have carefully selected our four core European Patent formalities, we understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to intellectual property. Thanks to our strategic partnership with UK-based Patent and Trade Mark attorneys Pure Ideas, we offer professional IP support across a broad range of IP matters that extend beyond formalities.

For any further information or assistance, feel free to get in touch with one of our IP professionals.

Patent Place Features

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Patent Place has an IP support team powered by Pure Ideas, answering any queries/actioning instructions.

Patent Portfolio Management

From a single location, you and your colleagues can monitor and control your European patent portfolio.


Our customizable reminders are sent straight to your email, so you will never miss a filing deadline.

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Who is Patent Place For?

Patent Place has been purpose-built to make filing into the European Patent Office easier and more efficient for everyone.  With a team of legal experts and IP professionals supporting the platform, you can request help at any stage in the digital process making it easy and accessible for everyone.

So whether you are an IP professional, or someone with limited experience of filing formality services into Europe, Patent Place is the perfect platform to use and offers a host of benefits.

IP Regulated.

Patent Place and our business partnership with Pure Ideas
ensure complete security and peace of mind at every step of the process.

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If you would like any further information or to book a quick demo call, feel free to get in touch with one of our IP professionals.

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