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Direct European Patent Formality Filing.

Use our online platform to file formalities directly to the EPO and with national patent offices when obtaining a European Patent. Remove the unnecessary cost and time using a middleman and gain more control over your European patent filings.

Patent Place is EPI regulated,  and we are partnered with FCA regulated Moneycorp and IPReg Regulated Pure Ideas.

Who is Patent Place For?

Patent place can benefit so many people working in IP, we can offer you an easier, more simple way to file into the EPO. The features of Patent Place allow many demographics to benefit from the platform, whether you work for an IP firm, or an independent filer.

Is It For Me?

Inventor/Independent Filer

University/Tech Transfer

Individual Attorneys

Outside Counsels

Patent Consultants

Corporate/IP Firm

The Process

With Patent Place, you upload European patent cases to your portfolio, where the system helps you keep track of those cases. When an action is required to process a formality, a reminder will be sent to you.

When ready, you can place an order for filing a formality adding it to your shopping cart, where you then transfer the required funds to the provided Moneycorp bank account. These funds are then forwarded onto the EPO and the necessary work is carried out to process the formality.

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Patent Place provides full fee transparency, so you feel confident using our platform for EP formalities. We provide clear distinction between official fees due to the EPO and the single processing fee of $75 that we charge.


We provide clear distinction between official fees due to the EPO and the single processing fee of $75. So you feel confident using our platform.

in USD

Our business partnership with Moneycorp enables enables you to make domestic transfers, meaning no international transfer fees.


Cutting out the middleman saves you valuable time and costs by filing formalities direct into the EPO, and national patent offices.

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